China, DPRK play exhibition basketball game to show unity

BY APD NEWSOct 11,2018 at 15:59

Basketball players from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and China met to play a mixed exhibition game in Pyongyang on Tuesday, with none other than veteran Chinese NBA star Yao Ming watching on.

A Chinese athletic delegation led by the director of the country's sports administration is on a visit to the DPRK at the invitation of their counterparts from the country. 

Senior DRPK officials from the ruling Worker's Party were present at the arena to cheer on the teams. Before the match, DPRK Minister of Physical Culture and Sports Kim Il Guk told the crowd that the exhibition game would demonstrate just what athleticism and sportsmanship are all about.

"This sports visit from China is one from a friendly neighbor, and it adds to our people's happiness as we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the Worker's Party of Korea. Today's friendly match will be a display of top basketball skills and the great sportsmanship of all the players from both of our countries," said Kim.

The match was just one of the various events the Chinese delegation will attend during their trip, including training and other friendly matches with their local counterparts. 

The athletes were divided into two teams, Solidarity and Friendship, with six players from either country.

As the match got underway, the two sides wasted no time springing into action, demonstrating good teamwork as they tried to press their advantages.

The atmosphere picked up pace, as Team Friendship managed to establish an early lead.

But in the second half, Chinese player Li Meng delivered an outstanding late-game drive. She scored an impressive 32 points, leading Team Solidarity to scrape past their opponents for a 107-106 win.

"I think it's very harmonious. This game has deepened the friendship between our two countries. We also had good teamwork. I don't think I could have scored that many points without my teammates," told Li Meng, a Team Solidarity player.

Yao Ming, president of the Chinese Basketball Association, posed for photos with the players after the game.


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