Artificial intelligence: What's China's AI vision?

BY APD NEWSSep 14,2018 at 16:47

China has not been shy about its ambitions to become a global power in artificial intelligence (AI), perhaps even to dominate AI. The country now is embarking on an unprecedented initiative in developing AI, which is said to bring about scientific breakthroughs, technological revolution and industrial transformation.

All the world's major economies understand AI's strategic importance for both economic growth and national security. China, especially, has embraced AI, making it a national priority. Currently, China is focusing on AI in healthcare, self-driving cars, traffic management, and various smart city applications. AI methodologies stress natural language processing, making machines sufficiently intelligent so that people can communicate with them easily, and thereby enhancing convenience for modern society.

Are there dangers of AI competition among nations? No country can ever monopolize AI development, and no country can cover all technologies needed. Calls for international cooperation should be heeded so that AI serves all humanity, not the other way around.


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