Israeli military introduces 4-year plan to enhance lethality, assault capabilities

BY APD NEWSFeb 14,2020 at 09:50

Israel's military released on Thursday a four-year plan aimed at enhancing its lethality and assault capabilities, especially against Iran.

"Execution of the 'Momentum' multiyear plan will enable the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to increase considerable capabilities," Aviv Kohavi, chief of the Israeli military, told the army's top commanders, according to video footage released by the army.

The army seeks to enhance its "lethality in scope and in accuracy" while shortening the duration of its military campaigns to just a few days or weeks, according to a separate military statement.

To enable short and lethal campaigns, the army said it plans to enhance its intelligence collection and carry out more precise attacks.

The army released a list of the plan's main topics, which includes enhancing combat capabilities of operational units, establishing digital connectivity infrastructure, acquiring variety munitions, boosting ground forces capabilities and preparedness, and leveraging aerial operations with the support of joint ground maneuver and purchasing new aerial defense systems.

Another main topic is boosting the military capacities against Iran, with which Israel has had a shadow war in Syria over the past years.

Under the plan, the army will establish a new headquarters that will focus on Iran, headed by a senior military officer.

The plan, the cost of which was not disclosed, has been approved by Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But it has yet to be approved by the cabinet.

However, Kohavi said the implantation of the plan has already begun as emerging threats in the region "do not allow us to wait."


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