APD | India: Wedding guests to be limited in Delhi for traffic concerns

BY APD NEWSJul 18,2019 at 22:50

By APD writer Rishika Chauhan

New Delhi, May 18 (APD) - On Wednesday, Satyendar Jain, Delhi’s urban development minister announced that the government would soon share a draft policy to limit the number of guests that could be invited to social gatherings, to check traffic congestion.

Though he included weddings in the list of functions, he clarified that not all banquet halls and wedding venues would have the restriction.

Jain was quoted explaining to the media, “The final draft has been prepared and the rules will be implemented only in farmhouses, motels and Low-Density Residential Areas (LDRAs) located primarily in Outer Delhi.”

“The most important aspect of the policy is that the maximum number of guests at weddings will depend on the parking space available at the venue. We are hoping this will help in reducing traffic bottlenecks that are created due to unauthorized parking at social functions as roadside parking will be banned,” he further said.

Authorities have also made small sewage treatment plants mandatory at the venues to limit water wastage.

The government has decided to punish the owners who use their own parking spaces for social gatherings. 

“If a parking lot cited as per the building plan is found to be occupied by tents, then a penalty will be imposed for unauthorized use of the space which could also lead to cancellation of license,” an official was quoted in a report.


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