APD | India: Moon mission might be launched end of July

BY APD NEWSJul 18,2019 at 18:09

By APD writer Rishika Chauhan

New Delhi, July 17 (APD) - According to recent reports, another attempt will be made at the end of July to accomplish the moon mission, called Chandrayaan-2 that was aborted on Monday.

The launch vehicle has not been disassembled yet as the glitch that caused the cancellation of the mission can be fixed without disassembling. 

An Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro)ex-scientist was quoted in a Hindustan Times report explaining, “The fuel from the launch vehicle has already been emptied out. There was a helium leak from the propellent team. The problem has now been discovered. A nipple joint valve in the plumbing malfunctioned. This can be repaired on the launch pad and there will be no need for disassembling the launch vehicle.”

GSLV Mark III, which is one of India’s most powerful launch vehicles is being used for the launch. It has a capacity of carrying 4-tonne satellites.

An Isro official was quoted in the report explaining, “This system performed precisely in the way it was designed to and we managed to save the mission in time. We were lucky that the mission did not enter the automatic launch sequence, else all would have been lost. All things are in our control.”

However, there are other factors that will also affect the launch date. The launch window for the moon mission is during the new moon on July 29 and 30, and if the vehicle is not launched then the next appropriate date will be in September.

On a successful launch, India will become the fourth country in the world after the US, Russia, and China to land a spacecraft on the moon. 


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