APD | Chinese Firm Plans to Invest in Sky-train in Cambodia

BY APD NEWSJan 11,2019 at 17:49

By APD writer Kin Ratha

PHNOM PENH,Jan.11(APD)-A Chinese firm from Chongging province of China expresses their interest to invest in Sky train in Cambodia a move to help improving the transport system. 

The intention was made during the meeting between Mr. LUO LINQUAN, a member of China’s CPC of Chongguing province and Cambodia’s Secretary of State of Ministry of Commerce Mr. Chhoun Dara at the ministry’s office on Friday. 


Currently, Mr. Luo leads a group of delegate to meet with relevant ministries and government officials of Cambodia in Phnom Penh capital city to seek more information for seeking the investment opportunity and seek the support from Cambodian government over the project. 

Mr.Luo explained the potential of his province to Cambodian delegates especially the experience in construction of the sky train by Chongqing Monorail Transit Engineering, adding that he also plan to build the Cambodian Trade Center in his province to promote about Cambodia’s investment potential to his investors to come to invest in Cambodia. 


Mr.Chhoun Dara was welcomed with the investment interest by delegates from Chongqing province to build the sky train and also express their interest in some other potential sector in Cambodia. He supports for any investments from Chongqing investors since Cambodian economy is growing very fast over the last two decades. 


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