APD | India: Crime rate increases by 3.25% in 2018

BY APD NEWSJan 11,2019 at 16:11

By APD writer Rishika Chauhan

NEW DELHI, Jan.10(APD) - In 2018 the crime rate in India increased by 3.25% as an average of 40 murders took place every month, according to 2018 annual crime data released on Wednesday.

In 2018, 477 murders were reported from Delhi, while last year the number stood at 462. The data further states that guns or sharp-edged weapons were used in many of the murders that took place in Delhi.

According to a Hindustan Times report, “The data also shows that nearly 11% of the people murdered in the city were killed by people who had another crime as their motive, such as a robbery or rape.”

“The police said they were able to solve 410 cases (86.16%) but the cracking rate slipped as compared to the previous year when 88.53% of murder cases were solved,” it further states.

Personal enmities between the murdered person and murderer or disputes over property and gang wars were other reasons cited for murders in the report.

Provocations like drunken fights or road rage were responsible for 21% of the deaths in 2018, while crimes of passion like murders done in jealousy, suspicion and because of extra marital affairs were 11% of all murders.


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