'Mars awaits': Trump supporters to vote on logo for space force

BY APD NEWSAug 10,2018 at 15:49

The Trump administration has announced a new space force to protect America from what Mike Pence has called “the growing security threats emerging in space”.

But Trump supporters have been asked to put aside questions like “How much will this cost?” and “Isn’t the air force already doing this?” and instead focus their attention on another crucial issue: what should the space force logo be?

Brad Pascale, who is Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign manager, has emailed supporters asking them to vote for one of six space force logos to commemorate the “huge announcement”.

“President Trump wants a space force – a groundbreaking endeavour for the future of America and the final frontier,” wrote Pascale.

It is unclear if the winning logo will actually be adopted by the sixth military service, or just used on commemorative merchandise produced by the campaign, which Pascale announced would be sold to mark the announcement.


One of the logo designs.

The six logos all feature the words “Space Force”. One also has the slogan “Mars awaits”, which the science editor at Mashable took issue with.

Most logos are adorned with spaceships, though one has an odd yellow shape that some on Twitter have suggested is an homage to the president’s hair.

Twitter users have responded with their own suggestions for the logo. David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W Bush, suggested it should draw on the catchphrase from Galaxy Quest, a spoof sci-fi film.


Others weighed in with gifs and videos, or amendments to some of the suggested logos.


Still others suggested that the logo – like space force itself – was unnecessary, echoing retired astronaut Capt Mark Kelly who told MSNBC it was a “dumb idea” that would duplicate work already done by the air force.




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