APD | Thai PM offers condolence, ordering all-out rescue for tourtists Phuket's boat accidents

BY APD NEWSJul 07,2018 at 16:55

By APD writer Juicy Chan

BANGKOK, July 7 (APD) -- Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha expressed his "sympathies and deepest condolences" to the families of the dead from boat accidents in southern Thailand's Phuket that has claimed 38 lives so far on Saturday.   


Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha

Prayut was speaking in the government house on Saturday. He said the government will exert all efforts to find those still missing and provide support to all survivors of this tragic event as soon as possible.   

The prime minister has ordered to set up a command center for the rescue operation in Phuket. He also ordered organizations involved to conduct full investigation of the cause of the accidents and identify those responsible for the tragedy.   

In order to provide the public with clear and accurate information, regular briefing will be held in the command center. 

The prime minister urged the public not to circulate photos of the victims to protect the privacy of them.   


Tours boats carrying 133 tourists sank in a storm off the southern Thai resort island of Phuket in Thursday afternoon. The death toll is climbing, hitting 38 at Saturday noon.   


Thai authorities said there are still 18 missing.   

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for all-out search and rescue efforts, telling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese diplomats in Thailand to take greater measures, and also urging Thai authorities to spare no efforts.   Chinese Ambassador Lyu Jian called on Thailand to quickly mobilize an intensive search for the missing and "to tend and make appropriate arrangements for the rescued Chinese tourists, treat and cure the injured and receive family members of the Chinese tourists involved.


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