Indonesia offers massive investments in Regional Investment Forum

BY APD NEWSOct 18,2017 at 17:04

By APD writer Maverick

JAKARTA, Oct. 18 (APD) — Indonesia offered investments worth a total of 2.9 billion U.S. Dollars in government-initiated Regional Investment Forum (RIF) held in West Sumatra capital of Padang.

In the 3-day event held by Indonesia Investment Coordinating Bureau (BKPM) and Tourism Ministry ended on Tuesday,, government offered investments to build infrastructure, related facilities and accommodations to support tourism in 6 of 10 new ultimate tourTanjung destinations planned by the government and 2 ones in West Sumatra.

The new ultimate destinations offered in the event among others were North Sumatra’s Lake Toba, Central Java’s Borobudur and Tanjung Kelayang in Belitung.

Meanwhile for destinations in West Sumatra, the integrated tourism zone of Mount Padang and Mandeh marine park were picked as the lucrative destinations for the investors.

Speaking to address the event in Padang, BKPM Chairman Thomas Lembong said the event was held in a very essential moment in Indonesia which is now striving its utmost to develop the flourishing tourism sector.

“Tourism index has been surged extraordinary here. Investments in the sector has also increased,” Thomas said in a statement, adding that the one held in Padang was continuing the initial one held in North Sulawesi capital of Manado in May this year.

According to Thomas, government has conducted orchestrated efforts to develop tourism sector which has been set as the leading industry sector in the country, among others by expanding free visa facilities for tourists from 169 countries and supporting new policies for the sector.

According to the data published by BKPM, investments in Indonesia’s tourism sector stood at 929 million U.S. Dollars in the first half this year, or accounted for 3.67 percent of overall investments.

Thomas said tourism holds significant factor to prosper several countries in Asia Pacific, India and China with the expanding number of middle class societies in those countries, coupled with rapid digital technology development.

“Now is the era of lifestyle, the needs to travel and having vacations have apparently emerged,” he said.

Thomas added that developments of infrastructure in Indonesia’s ultimate destinations were in line with China’s One Belt One Road initiative of which Indonesia joined in with other 70 countries. The infrastructure would further enhancing connectivity and economy integration in the region, he added.

In the same occasion, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya assured government full support for investors in tourism sector, saying that the sector is now placed after the nation’s most prioritized sector of agriculture and above the fishery sector.

He added that Indonesia has gained convincing international excellent records in tourism industry.

Indonesia was put among 20 World’s 2017 Fastest Growing Travel Destinations whose growth stood at 25 percent, which is four times higher in the region and global and five times higher than it is in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The RIF in Padang was attended 114 potential investors from China, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Yemen, India, Spain, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Russia and Mauritius.


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