Brazil's Temer receives police interrogation for corruption allegations

BY APDJun 06,2017 at 14:19


Brazil's President Michel Temer received on Monday an interrogation of 84 questions from federal police, as part of an investigation against him for supposed corruption.

He now has 24 hours to send his responses in writing. According to the G1 news portal, Temer's defense team was surprised to receive the questions, after the Supreme Court authorized the procedure last week.

However, Justice Edson Fachin, who approved the written interrogation, said Temer was not obliged to answer to them all.

The questions address the confession made by Joesley Batista, owner of the JBS meatpacking group, to prosecutors, including the presentation of a tape in which Temer can seemingly be heard approving bribes for former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha.

Temer has rejected all accusations against him and has refused to step down, despite growing political opposition, including by former allies.

The police sent the questions to Temer one day before the country's top electoral court opens a hearing into supposed irregularities during the 2014 electoral campaign.

Temer, who stood as the running mate of impeached former president Dilma Rousseff, is accused of receiving illegal campaign funding from the Petrobras corruption ring.

If the judges conclude this illegal financing was received, they could invalidate Rousseff and Temer's electoral victory and remove the president from office.


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