Japanese ballet performs in support of China's fight against virus

BY APD NEWSFeb 13,2020 at 17:28

One of the most famous Japanese ballets – the Matsuyama ballet of Tokyo expressed support for China's fight against novel coronavirus through their performances on Wednesday.

The host said we believed Chinese people could get through the coronavirus and overcome different difficulties.

The whole crew sang the song "March of the Volunteers" together to rally morale in the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak, and said: "We love China! Go Wuhan! Go China!" loudly in Chinese afterward. 

Matsuyama Ballet Company visited China for the first time in 1958 and bonded with China. The ballet has staged "The White-Haired Girl" in Beijing multiple times.

It is the first ballet group that adapted the film "The White-Haired Girl" into a ballet performance. It has been regarded as an outstanding participant in Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges over the decades.

The video of Matsuyama ballet received over two million views on Chinese social media within one night, some Chinese netizens expressed gratitudes, and Japanese have donated packages of masks and infrared thermometers to China since the outbreak. 


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