Why do Chinese people love going to "lū chuàn"?

BY APD NEWSJul 17,2019 at 17:51

“Lū chuàn”, a phrase coming from NE China's dialect, consists of two characters — one is “lū” which is the action of sliding off the meat and the other is “chuàn” which refers to the skewers. Therefore, when people say "lū chuàn", it means eating Chinese barbecue.

It is said that Fuxi, the creation god in Chinese mythology, was the inventor of Chinese BBQ. He’s also known as Paoxi which means “the first person who roasts animal meat”. Afterwards, with the development and popularization of “lū chuàn”, it's now one of the most indispensable pastimes for Chinese people.

Chinese people usually go to “lū chuàn” during the intense summer heat. Tasty barbecue meat and an ice-cold beer are the best combination to chill out during the summer.


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