In 'Story of Minglan', Zhao Liying shines in strong female role

BY APD NEWSJan 03,2019 at 12:00

As one of China's highest-earning actresses, Zhao Liying has returned to her most familiar zone to play an independent woman in ancient China.

The Story of Minglan, a 73-episode series, has aired on satellite channels in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and the streaming site YouTube since Dec 25. It may also become available on Chinese sites iQiyi, Youku and Tencent.


Zhao Liying stars Sheng Minglan in the populra TV drama The Story of Ming Lan.

Adapted from a hit online novel, the series set in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) chronicles the legend of Sheng Minglan, an unfavored daughter of an official who wins her true love and becomes the wife of a powerful politician.

Zhao stars as Sheng, while her newly married husband, actor Feng Shaofeng, plays the politician. The series marks their first work together after they tied the knot in October.


During a recent event to promote the series, Feng said the script has a lot of dialogue, with most narrated in the way that ancient Chinese would speak.

But producer Hou Hongliang said the story could resonate with modern audiences as the conflicts in families and marriages are somewhat similar to those seen today.


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