A thousand faces: Chinese beauty blogger stuns Web users worldwide

BY APD NEWSAug 10,2018 at 17:40

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting can be found in print, online, and of course at the Louvre museum in Europe. But have you ever imagined seeing that woman in real life?

You’ll get that chance in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing, where 27-year-old makeup artist He Yuhong shot to fame overnight months ago after she transformed herself into the subject of the world-famous painting using stunning makeup skills.

Previously working for a local makeup training school, He later started her own studio to provide makeup services, including sharing some video clips online.

“Those videos attracted limited viewers. I just tried to copy celebrities starting this year and didn’t expect such a strong reaction,” He told CGTN.

He Yuhong does her makeup. She attempts to copy Mona Lisa, subject of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece. / CGTN Photo

She said she felt afraid when she woke to find that her Mona Lisa video received tens of thousands of views and comments after she uploaded it to Douyin, one of the most popular video-sharing websites in China and Twitter-like Weibo.

“I am worried that maybe my imitation made some people uncomfortable. After all, Mona Lisa is a great work.”

Suspecting that there was something wrong with her accounts, she logged out and tried again. She realized that her works indeed created an online buzz after seeing the big numbers unchanged.

What made the beauty blogger relieved is that the overwhelming majority of the feedback is positive.

Amazed Internet users have flocked to her accounts on different platforms, encouraging the shape-shifting master to take on a variety of roles, including some characters from costume dramas.

He Yuhong has transformed herself into a variety of celebrities over the past few months, including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, even Cristiano Ronaldo. /Courtesy of He Yuhong

She said it is a sophisticated process to copy others.

“I can finish normal makeup within 30 minutes, but this usually takes me six hours or even longer,” she said, stressing that the key is that she has to make the facial features of the subjects clear through close observation before she gets going.

“It’s just like drawing a painting on a white paper,” she added.

Over the past months, she has transformed herself into Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng and even football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Her magic show is still going on, and the number of her followers on different platforms including youtube and Instagram keeps growing.

He Yuhong imitates Yin Zheng, a Chinese actor. /Courtesy of He Yuhong

In fact, He is just one of a growing number of “online celebrities” orWanghongin China. She says social networking platforms tremendously help people to showcase special skill sets. Now she has started to pick up work with some makeup brands.

“I’m so lucky that I can turn my hobby into a profession. It feels like I’ve hit the jackpot,” she said.

With the booming of all kinds of social networking APPs in China, especially the video-sharing and live-streaming ones, authorities have stepped up supervision towards these platforms, targeting vulgar content.

He says looking ahead, she will try to make higher-quality transformation videos, and provide more makeup suggestions to her followers through online channels.


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