Chinese and foreign ballet gatherings ——The Fifth China International Ballet Season is about to kick off

BY APD NEWSOct 21,2021 at 18:30

On November 12th, the Fifth China International Ballet Season will kick off on the stage of Tianqiao Theater. This season of performance will last until December 26th. Audiences who love ballet art can enjoy classic art works of different styles and genres performed by world-renowned ballet troupes and masters through various forms. The fourteen major dramas and twenty-four performances will present a gorgeous and affectionate ballet feast for the audience.

The opening ceremony GALA was led by the chief actors of the Central Ballet Zhang Jian, Wang Qimin, and Ma Xiaodong and a new generation of outstanding young Chinese artists Qiu Yunting, Wang Ye, Zhan Xinlu, Fang Mengying, Xu Yan, Liu Xuechen, Sun Ruichen, Li Wentao, Wu Sicong, Chen Zhuming, Zheng Yu, etc.Numerous classic and modern ballet pieces will kick off the prelude to this season of performances with gorgeous.

The famous international ballet troupe, which is unable to celebrate with us due to the epidemic, will reunite with us in the clouds to continue the love of ballet.Has performed well on the stage of the China International Ballet Season, which surprised Chinese audiences by the Bolshoi Ballet ,Stuttgart Ballet, John Neumeier Hamburg Ballet, St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet and the Royal Ballet will bring their respective masterpieces in the form of high-definition screening.

《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》 演出:俄罗斯艾夫曼芭蕾舞团    摄影:朱绛.jpg

In addition, China National Ballet will also affectionately interpret the full play of John Cranko’s classic ballet "Onegin", Ben Steven Mori version of "Cinderella", "Three in One Ballet Boutique", and large-scale original ballets "Yimeng" and "Century".

Audiences will also enjoy the Shanghai Ballet version of "La Traviata" starring Wu Husheng and Qi Bingxue from Shanghai Ballet, and the wonderful performances of the two in the third performance season are also very unforgettable.

As a state-owned troupe and theater, the Central Ballet and Tianqiao Theater always keep in mind their mission and responsibilities, let literature and art serve the people, and let more people enter the palace of literature and art and appreciate elegant art.


The China International Ballet Season has become a veritable international ballet event.The Fifth China International Ballet Performance Season will surely set off a phenomenal ballet craze in the expectation of the audience and write a new chapter with a gorgeous and affectionate posture! 

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