Chinese J-10C fighter at China-Pakistan air exercise

BY APD NEWSDec 03,2018 at 17:57

This year's China-Pakistan joint international air exercise dubbed Shaheen-VII kicked off at a Pakistan air force base, Times of Islamabad reported on Sunday.

China's Air Force has sent a number of aircraft to take part in the exercise, including several J-10C fighters.

The joint exercises are due to last 20 days.

The J-10C is an improved version of China's J-10 fighter. It is equipped with an Active Electronically Steered Array system (AESA), as well as an opto-electronic detection system to improve combat situations. The J-10C was activated for combat duty in April, 2018.

"The J-10C is more capable of locating targets. The new technology on-board gives it an edge during an air-to-air combat," said Wang Zhiming, a Chinese military specialist. "The J-10C is a significant upgrade to the Chinese Air Force, and significantly improves China's air defenses."

"This year's Shaheen-VII exercise will enhance bilateral military and political ties, and will help enhance the capability of the air forces of the two friendly neighbors," said Commodore Syed Muhammad Ali with the Pakistan Air Force.

Next year's "Shaheen" air exercises, which have been annual events since 2011, will be held in China.


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