Hong Kong rises to China's most competitive city

BY APD NEWSOct 12,2018 at 15:49

Hong Kong bounced back to lead Chinese cities after trailing Shanghai for five years in a row in the latest Global City Competitiveness Ranking.

The ranking is released by the Hong Kong China Institute of City Competitiveness, the World Urban Cooperative Organization and the Hong Kong Gui Qiang Fang Institute of Global Competitiveness. City competitiveness refers to comprehensive advantages in fields including economic strength, resource potential, culture, and innovation ability.

Globally, New York, Tokyo and London were the top three winners. Among the Chinese cities that made the list, Shenzhen and Shanghai followed Hong Kong.

Hong Kong also ranked first among the top 10 Chinese cities with the best investment environment, while Shenzhen and Guangzhou ranked second and third.

The United States, China and Japan held the top three spots in terms of economic competitiveness among countries. China was crowned the most administratively efficient country, followed by Singapore and Switzerland.

Shenzhen snatched two first places, namely in the Chinese city growth competitiveness and efficient government rankings. Beijing led the top 10 Chinese cities with strong cultural competitiveness, followed by Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and Nanjing in Jiangsu Province.

Wellington of New Zealand, Reykjavik of Iceland, and Berlin of Germany were the top three winners in the global 10 safe cities ranking, while Hong Kong ranked sixth.


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