Chinese reality TV show resists feminine-looking men in promotional video

BY APD NEWSOct 12,2018 at 14:43

An upcoming Chinese reality TV show has openly resisted feminine-looking men in its promotional video, sparking heated discussion online. 

Guests of the show Journey of Youth said, "I am post-95. Resist niangpao. I will sprinkle blood for a sparkling youth" in a video promoting the show. 

Niangpao is a derogatory term for "girlish male." 

The clips were deleted as of press time, but screenshots of the statements remained on Sina Weibo.

Journey of Youth selected six post-95 boys and girls to go to a desert, plateau, deep mountains, and snow-covered forests across China. The six will strengthen their body and mind by cooperating with people working in those extreme environments, the Xinhua News Agency reported. 

A heated debate on China's new feminine-looking male celebrities flooded Weibo in early September, as the country's State broadcaster aired four young feminine-looking male singers in its television special, First Class of the New Semester.

A commentary published by the Xinhua News Agency on September 6 blasted the girlish idols, saying China's youth will have a crisis of masculinity if they follow the way these pop idols speak or dress.

The current debate is only partly about gender stereotypes, and mostly about disgust with pandering to teenagers' vulgar tastes without passing on positive energy and role models, be they masculine or feminine in form.


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