Chinese man tracks dementia father with QR code printed on clothes

BY APD NEWSOct 09,2018 at 15:39

To keep track of his dementia father, a Chinese man had created a customized QR code containing contact information and printed the barcode on the senior's everyday attires.

Last Wednesday, a senior was spotted strolling in a park with his family wearing a head-turning vest in Shanghai, local media Shanghai Observer reported. It was neither the color nor cut of the clothes that grabbed people's attention, but a large QR code printed on the back of the vest.

"Scan and help me find my family," a line of explainer could be seen accompanying the barcode.


Tao's father wearing a vest printed with the customized QR code. /Shanghai Observer Photo

The unique fashion piece was designed by the elderly's son, a young man surnamed Tao. Tao told Shanghai Observer that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and got lost multiple times over the years.

The family tried using GPS tracker and ID bracelet in the past, but none of the traditional solutions worked. With the technology of QR code scanning became prevailing in China, Tao came up with the idea to employ the latest technology to keep his parent safe.

Tao created a customized barcode, which reveals his father's name and his contact information upon scanning. He then had the smart tagging printed on the senior's clothes and accessories, all made to order under Tao's request.

Tao called the QR code an added security. His primary way to protect his father is still by holding his hand whenever they go out together.

With China's growing aging population, dementia has become an increasingly common diagnosis among senior citizens. As of 2016, over nine million people were diagnosed with dementia in China, and the number was expected to grow fourfold by the year 2050. 


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