China Central Television reporter Kong Linlin released without charge

BY APD NEWSOct 02,2018 at 17:46

A spokesperson of China Central Television (CCTV) said on Monday night that Kong Linlin, a CCTV journalist based in the UK, had been released, and extended condolences to her.

The British police released Kong in a short period of time under the pressure of the Chinese Embassy in the UK and of public opinion, according to CCTV Europe. The lawyer made it clear that Kong was released without charge, and her behavior was to perform her duties.

During its annual session on Sunday, the Human Rights Commission of the UK Conservative Party held a sideline meeting on Hong Kong, inviting so-called Hong Kong independence activists and organizers of the illegal Occupy Central movement. Kong expressed her views when raising questions, becoming obstructed and even physically harassed.

The spokesperson said that any attempts or actions that advocate the division of China are against the trend of history and will be in vain. CCTV called on the UK to safeguard the legitimate rights of Chinese journalists and ensure that such absurd incidents do not occur again.

Earlier on Monday, CCTV lodged an official protest to UK authorities over the treatment of Kong, calling it unacceptable that the legal rights of a Chinese journalist were violated in the UK. CCTV said it strongly protests the incident, and is demanding an official apology from the event's organizer.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK released a statement on Monday, condemning the Human Rights Committee of the UK Conservative Party for its interference in China's internal affairs and urging an apology from the organizer.


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