China, Indonesia police team up to dismantle cyber fraud gang

BY APDAug 02,2017 at 10:02


By APD Writer Maverick

JAKARTA, Aug. 1 (APD) – A solid cooperation between China and Indonesia police managed to dismantle and arrest more than 140 Chinese nationals operating cyber fraud gang from Indonesia, targeting people embroiled in legal cases in China.

The dismantling and arrest against them was following tip-off from Chinese police over their bogus activities in Indonesia, a senior Indonesian police officer said on Tuesday.

“This time they (Chinese police) gave us detailed information on their names, entrances to Indonesia and their whereabouts, enable us to easily trace, locate and arrested them,” Jakarta police headquarters Spokesperson Argo Yuwono said in his office.

He added that such a cooperation with Chinese police had also been done several times before to arrest Chinese national criminals conducted crimes from Indonesia.

He said that the arrests against 148 members of the Chinese cyber fraud gang were conducted by detectives and members of Jakarta police task force in Jakarta, Surabaya and resort island of Bali.

Argo said the gang’s activities have got particular attention by Chinese police following many reports filed in by the gang’s victims in China.

By misusing high technology, the gang illegally accessed information on people embroiled in legal case in China, extorted them to get money from them.

Reports said that the gang grossed around 450 million U.S. Dollars from their operation in their Indonesian bases since late last year.

Argo said the administration process for their deportation to China was being prepared by police.

The deportation process would eventually be carried out by Indonesian immigration office.

“While waiting for the deportation all of them were now detained here,” Argo said.

Indonesia’s Legal and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly praised the arrest, saying that the dismantling of the Chinese cyber fraud ring was a huge success.

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Indonesian and Chinese police,” the minister said on Monday.

The minister said China has sent several police officers to monitor the deportation process against them.

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