Tailor-made environment ripe for entrepreneurship and good living

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A vibrant city in South China's Sichuan province, Chengdu is described as a destination of dreams by entrepreneurs due to its advantages in innovation, inclusive culture and living environment.

Fu Qiang, chief technology officer of Chengdu Fiture Technology, said he co-founded the company with his partners in 2019 after working for high-tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Tencent.

Fiture provides smart fitness solutions to its customers via its operating model that combines hardware, content, service and artificial intelligence. So far, the company has more than 1,100 employees.

Last year, Fiture launched its iconic Fiture Magic Mirror during the Double Eleven shopping festival.

According to the company, it looks like a normal dress mirror. But it is designed to broadcast fitness courses on its surface and allows owners to exercise with online coaches via Wi-Fi and an app on their phones. The product is equipped with a sensor, which can trace a user's behavior and give him or her feedback.

To date, the company said it has sold more than 10,000 of the mirrors. The product beat its peers on the sales list of Tmall from January to August.

"We found that Chengdu's business environment benefits entrepreneurs. It is competitive in the cost of starting a business and has a high capital utilization rate," Fu said. The technological innovation environment in Chengdu has improved in recent years, which provides companies with a sound development space, Fu said.

Engaged in the AI industry, Fiture has gained policy support from the local government, he added.

Chengdu is home to a group of universities and colleges, which provide skilled people for innovative enterprises. And the city is also attractive to non-local talent, Fu noted.

"Our company has hired many talented people from abroad or out of town due to Chengdu's policy support for talent attraction," he said.

Zhang Rui, chairman of Raydiculous, a high-tech company engaged in AI robot and intelligent equipment production, said the founding team moved from the United Kingdom to Chengdu to start business as a result of a cooperative project with the city.

Chengdu provides high-tech businesses with great opportunities and application scenarios, Zhang said.

In September, Raydiculous launched its tailor-made AI robot for the 31st Summer Universiade, which is to be held in 2022 in Chengdu, at an event organized by the Chengdu science and technology bureau and the Chengdu sports bureau.

The Universiade is a world comprehensive sports event to be held in western China. It was held in Beijing in 2001 and in Shenzhen in 2011.

The robot is designed based on the 31st Summer Universiade mascot, Rongbao. Resembling a panda, it is capable of intelligent services including pandemic prevention and emergency action, according to Zhang.

In addition, the robot can translate multiple languages and give intelligent guidance. It is installed with infrared temperature measurement equipment, which can service a large number of people. The robot is also equipped with a first-aid kit and defibrillator for emergencies.

After more than two years in Chengdu, Raydiculous has more than 40 employees and has developed five series of more than 40 kinds of robots, according to the company. It is currently applying for a loan offered to high-tech companies.

To support high-tech businesses, Chengdu has established a whole financial service chain that combines loans, investment, subsidies, insurance and bonds, according to the city government.

At present, its loan and investment service sectors have been offered to all listed companies in Chengdu, playing a role in boosting the growth of local high-tech companies.

In the first half of this year, Chengdu has collaborated with financial institutions to launch a series of fintech products. They include loans for talents, technological achievements and research and development, as part of the effort to provide technological companies with targeted financial services.

Apart from the business environment and policy support, Chengdu is a livable city for entrepreneurs.

"Chengdu gives entrepreneurs a strong sense of belonging," said Ouyang Qinghan, deputy general manager of XpowerIt Tech.

Chengdu has experienced great changes in innovation and has an improved living environment, Ouyang said.

The construction of parks in the city has brought people a sense of happiness, he added.

Yang Yanjie, general manager of Unittec, a high-tech company, has to go on business trips to many cities. But there is no city like Chengdu that can ensure good quality of life at a busy working pace, Yang said. People can enjoy a comfortable life after a day of tiring work, he added.

Winning a series of honors, such as one of the best cities for talents and one of the most attractive cities in China, Chengdu now has 5.56 million highly skilled workers. The city has attracted 540,000 talents with a bachelor's degree or above since it launched a new talent policy in 2017.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), Chengdu will carry out its project for supporting people in innovation and startups, giving priority to its talent cultivation, according to the city plan.


The beautiful scenery at Xinglong Lake in Chengdu is just one example of the city's fantastic natural environment. CHINA DAILY


A woman exercises in front of an intelligent mirror developed by Chengdu Fiture Technology. CHINA DAILY


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