You have to check out Finland's first dog, Lennu

BY mashable.comFeb 23,2017 at 12:35

The world has been suffering political dog content withdrawals. After all, everyone's still grieving the sudden withdrawal of the Obama family's dogs, Bo and Sunny, from the world stage. 

Donald Trump, of course, has no pets.


It makes sense then that the desperate gaze of pup-lovers worldwide has fallen on Finland and President Sauli Niinistö's badass pup, Lennu.

Lennu, a five-year-old Boston terrier, according to the Finnish outlet Yle Uutiset, has been making public appearances for some time now. He's not fully media trained, and has a habit of distracting the cameras away from his owner and onto his own antics. And now, people outside Finland have caught on.

Lennu made a splash on Twitter, and the internet began hunting for as many photos of the presidential pupper as could be found.


Finland's president himself seems pretty cool — he survived the deadly tsunami in Thailand in 2004 — but he doesn't have quite the same goofy charisma as Lennu. Sorry Sauli!


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