APD | Philippine business represented at 1st CIIE

BY APD NEWSNov 09,2018 at 16:18

By APD writer Melo M. Acuna

MANILA, Nov.9 (APD) -- The Philippines has at least 40 exhibitors at the successful China International Import Exposition which will end on Saturday, November 10.

George T. Siy, founder of the International Developmental Studies Institute said the exhibitors come from all over the country and have made their respective names in the world of small and medium enterprises and a significant number from the Tourism industry.

“It was during the months of September and October when exhibitors registered through the Department of Trade and Industry, Mr. Siy said in an exclusive interview. He added other countries have rented bigger spaces to showcase their products and services.

“Filipinos were not as enthusiastic as other countries like the United States and Japan in joining exhibitions,” Mr. Sis explained.

This is the first time the Chinese government has embarked on such a large-scale gathering of businessmen from around the World.

According to Mr. Siy, the CIIE was a brainchild of Chinese President Xi Jinping and would definitely be a regular part of the business environment.   

Internationally-accepted products from the Philippines which include banana chips,  mangoes and coconut products need to be improved because neighboring countries’ have made significant innovations in packaging and making their products more attractive and eventually saleable. 

While young Filipino use the social media for entertainment, Mr. Siy said it is time for them to learn from their Chinese counterparts who harness the social media platform to link suppliers and buyers.

“We at IDSI believe Filipino commodities can compete in the international market as the country is endowed with a lot of natural products, be they mangoes or coconut to moringa, Siy explained.

He expressed concern with the ease of doing business in neighboring countries such as Singapore can register new businesses in three hours while Vietnam can process and approve new business applications in half a day.

“In the Philippines, it may still take several weeks,” he added although he expressed optimism things will also improve in the near future. 


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