APD | Indonesia receives commotion from IMF over its strong economy 

BY APD NEWSOct 11,2018 at 18:46

By APD writer Aditya Nugraha

JAKARTA, Oct. 11 (APD) — Indonesia received commendation from International Monetary Fund (IMF) over its economy that remains strong and runs positively amid the developing global economic upheavals. 

The commendation was issued by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde in a press conference held in the progressing IMF-World Bank (WB) annual meeting in Bali on Thursday. 

“Seeing Indonesia at present and compare it during the previous economic crisis, Indonesia has achieved significant advancements,” the IMF chief said. 


IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

Lagarde added that IMF’s positive opinion towards Indonesia’s economy was referred to the nation’s per capita income that rose double in the past decade, poverty rate that has dropped below 10 percent and sound controllable inflation. 

Sound exchange rate, forex reserves and banking reform have also contributed positively to the nation’s economy, she added. 

Lagarde pointed out that Indonesia’s current strong economy was resulted from proper implementation of government’s combined policies in the last several years. 

“It is obviously clear, there are differences between countries with correct combined policies and strict with its disciplines and countries which have yet to do that,” Lagarde said. 

World Bank (WB) in its latest report on East Asia and Pacific Economic published this month said that Indonesia, the Southeast Asia’s largest economy, would see expanding growth to 5.2 percent this year and next year, and 5.3 percent expected for 2020. 

Organization for Economic and Cooperation Development (OECD) Secretary General Angel Gurria said earlier that Indonesia capable to preserve its foreign debt, which remains low at present. 

Despite marvelous results of its efforts to boost national per capita income, Indonesia faces credible challenges to address infrastructure gap, health spending and social aids, Gurria added.

Improvement of the last two elements would further boost inclusiveness of results development distribution among the people, he added.  

According to Gurria, by giving more attention on environmental issue in the development process, Indonesia would see better quality of prosperity.


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