Thirty arrested as Chinese and Singaporean police bust prostitution gang

BY APD NEWSDec 04,2018 at 15:10

Police from China and Singapore recently busted a transnational prostitution gang, which allegedly deceived 144 Chinese women into prostitution in Singapore, according to an official WeChat account of China's Ministry of Public Security.

Thirty suspects were arrested, a post published on the official WeChat account of Criminal Investigation Department under the Ministry of Public Security stated on Monday.

In March 2018, Singaporean police notified police in China about a criminal gang deceiving women into prostitution, using popular instant messaging apps like WeChat.

Based on the clues provided by the police in Singapore, police in south China's Guangdong Province and east China's Jiangsu Province found a criminal gang, which was led by two 27-year-old men, separately surnamed Zhou and Zhu. The two men are all from Lianyungang City in east China's Jiangsu Province.

To bust the cross-boundary criminal gang, the police in China and Singapore decided to assign working groups to each other and exchange clues in investigating the case.

On November 22, police in both countries launched a unified operation and busted the criminal group. Thirty criminal suspects were arrested and 144 Chinese were found to be deceived into prostitution in Singapore through the group.

Among the 30 criminal suspects, 16 were arrested by Chinese police, including Zhou and Zhu.

With promises of working abroad and a high salary, the transnational gang fabricated and provided false materials to help the 144 Chinese women get Singaporean work visas.


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