Cambodian man kills ex-wife then commits suicide live on Facebook

BY APD NEWSApr 20,2018 at 17:11

A husband slit the throat of his wife before taking his own life by jumping off the Neak Loeung Bridge in Kandal province’s Loeuk Dek district yesterday.

The murder occurred at 2.30pm in Prek Tumleap commune, said Captain Dim Samrith, chief of the criminal invetigation department with Loeuk Dek district police.

 The man who killed his wife and then himself.

The man who killed his wife and then himself.

Cap Samrith identified the victim as Ton Sreynoy, 20, a make-up vendor who lived in Prek Tumleap commune with her husband Ra Chhayrath, 21, a car mechanic. They were married in 2016 and had no children.

Cap Samrith said that according to witnesses, the couple had a heated argument before the husband slashed his wife’s throat.

The husband had often accused her of having an affair with another man. He tried to force his wife to confess to the affair but she persistently denied it, police said.

“He was jealous of his wife and accused her of adultery with another man,” Cap Samrith said. “In a rage, he took a long knife and slashed her throat and caused her to die instantly.”

Cap Samrith said that after killing his wife, Mr Chhayrath fled from the house before committing suicide by jumping off Neak Loeung Bridge.

He said that before committing suicide, the husband filmed himself live on Facebook, saying: “At the end, though we were not born on the same day, we have died on the same day. I love you”.

Cap Samrith said the husband then left his phone on the bridge for police to find before jumping off. He said police were combing the river for the husband’s remains while his wife’s body was taken for a funeral.

Facebook is the social media platform of choice for Cambodians. Nearly a third of the country’s 15.8 million people are Facebook users and the network is a major source of information, particularly for young people.

A spokesman for Facebook in Singapore said the company was not immediately able to comment on the Cambodia case.

Last year, Facebook said it would expand its pattern recognition software after successful tests in the United States to detect users with suicidal intent.

Police said the man’s body had not been found.


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