Two Civil Guards and civilian shot dead in north of Spain

BY APD NEWSDec 15,2017 at 11:14

Two Spanish Civil Guards and a civilian who was accompanying them were shot dead at a farm near the village of Albalate del Arzobispo in the province of Teruel in the northeast of Spain late on Thursday evening, the Civil Guard and Spanish media sources have confirmed.

The deaths happened as the agents were searching for a suspected robber, who's identity remains unknown. The suspect is thought to have fled the scene of the killings in a vehicle described as a Mitsubishi pick-up truck.

The government delegation from the region of Aragon has related the incident to another shooting incident in Albalate de Arzobispo on Dec. 5, when two people, one of whom was a 70-year-old man and the other a locksmith, were shot and wounded.

Spanish Government Delegate Gustavo Alcalde has travelled to the area to oversee the search for the killer. And Civil Guards have sealed off a large area of the countryside.

Meanwhile local residents have been warned that the killer is armed and could have stolen the weapons belonging to the two agents he shot.


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