China's Arab policy paper highlights growing bilateral interests

BY Xinhua News AgencyJan 21,2016 at 04:46

The announcement of China's first official paper on its policy in the Arab region highlights the growing importance of bilateral interests, an Algerian expert said on Tuesday.

"The history of Sino-Arab relations in general is full of friendship, and Arab people have a very positive image about China. When we mention China, we refer to peaceful international relations," Mesbah Menas, a professor of International Relations at the University of Algiers told Xinhua reporter.

"China and Russia are against the United States in terms of settling international issues by force, as China favors diplomatic and negotiable solutions," the professor said, noting that "China has growing interests, and stability is a vital element."

Manas stressed that China enjoys a winning card, namely the non-interference in internal affairs of states.

"Unlike Western policy that urges for the departure and removing of regimes, China's non-interference in internal affairs as well as the recognition of the right of peoples to self-determination, highlight China's determination to enter a new approach with Arab nations," the expert said.

As for China's support to establishing a zone free from weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, Menas said this is in reference to Israel's nuclear program, given that nuclear-free zone means a secure and stable region, and thus an prosperous region in terms of investment."

At the level of the Middle East conflict on the Palestinian issue, "China is playing balance, as it has growing ties with both Israel and Arabs, and therefore stands among supporters of a two-state solution," the university teacher noted.

The Chinese government issued on a policy paper to review and summarize the development of China-Arab ties.

The policy paper stipulates the guiding principle for developing China-Arab relations, offers the blueprint for China-Arab mutually beneficial cooperation, and reiterates the political will of commitment to peace and stability in the Middle East, in order to promote China-Arab relations to a new and higher level. 

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