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ABUJA -- At least 12 people were killed following two suicide blasts in northeastern Nigeria's Maiduguri city early Monday, according to witnesses.
A suspected female suicide bomber wreaked havoc in a local mosque in London Chinki axis of the city, killing some 10 people, Xinhua learned. (Nigeria-Blasts)
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ADEN, Yemen -- A booby-trapped car struck a pro-government military base in Yemen's southeastern province of of Shabwa on Monday afternoon, leaving eight soldiers killed, a military official told Xinhua.
The booby-trapped car exploded at the main gate of a pro-government military base in Belhaf area of southeastern Shabwa province, killing at least eight soldiers and injuring several others at the scene, the military source said on condition of anonymity. (Yemen-Soldier-Explosion)
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YAOUNDE -- At least 34 people went missing after a military vessel sank off Cameroon's Atlantic coast, the country's defense minister said Monday.
The missing were soldiers from Cameroon's Rapid Intervention Brigade and three other soldiers were rescued after their vessel sank off the country's Atlantic coast on Sunday morning, said a statement issued by the Defense Ministry. (Cameroon-Military vessel)
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JERUSALEM -- Muslim worshippers held protest outside the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on Monday morning, as Israel reopened the compound to Israelis for the first time since Friday's deadly assault.
A police statement said the site was opened early in the morning "without special incident. Hundreds of Muslims have entered the site since the morning." (Israel-Muslim-al Aqsa) Enditem

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