‘Indonesian touch’ ushers foreign players into finals of Indonesia Open

BY APD NEWSJun 19,2017 at 22:47

Indonesian coaches have significant contributions in ushering foreign countries’ players in finals of the recent Indonesia Open Super Series which part of them eventually championed the tournament.

It was apparently seen in Indian and South Korean teams which successfully placed their players in men’s singles and women’s singles groups’ finals.

One of those players, Srikanth Kidambi, marvelously singled out as the champion, making India won the men’s singles group for the first time since the annual tournament initiated in 1982.

Kidambi’s great success in Indonesia Open Super Series cannot be separated from the success of Indonesian coach Mulyo Handoyo who managed to polish Indian men’s singles team in international competitions.

Mulyo is former coach of Indonesian former famous player Taufik Hidayat who won Athens Olympics gold, Super Series championships and other ones in several countries and won the super series tournament at home six times.

“From the deep of my heart I thank my coach Mulyo Handoyo. I can be in finals of Indonesia and Singapore Open tournaments because of him,” Kidambi said here recently.

Mulyo heads Indian men’s singles training camp since February this year. Under his command, India now becomes rising badminton power in the world.

The team saw all-India final in 2017 Singapore Open which qualified Sai Praneth to win the championship with Kidambi became the runner up of the tournament held in April.

Mulyo also managed to bring India to quarterfinals of Sudirman Cup in Gold Coast, Australia, last month.

Speaking with the media here, Mulyo said that in India he applies similar coaching methods like what he did in Indonesia that stresses discipline and personal approaches for each player.

“I won’t take any excuse when players come late to the scheduled training sessions. I would instantly reprimand them. But outside the sessions, I regard them as friends,” he said.

South Korea also sensed golden hand of Indonesian coach in badminton sport with presence of Agus Dwi Santoso to train its national team.

Agus’ signature achievement was seen last month in Sudirman Cup when South Korea won the championship by brushed aside China.

Agus also ushered the nation’s seeded men and women singles players Son Wan ho and Sung Ji hyun to seize semifinal and final berths in Indonesia Open Super Series this month.

The no. 1 men’s singles player Son Wan ho was defeated by the non-seeded player Srikanth Kidambi, while Sung Ji hyun, seeded no. 5, failed to Japanese player Sayaka Sato in the final match of the tournament.

“The major challenge now is how to improve the players’ confidence after winning the Sudirman Cup. It can be successful if they can consistently win against seasoned players in international tournaments,” Agus said.



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