Afghan forces recapture key district in southern Helmand province

BY APD NEWSJul 17,2017 at 18:51

Afghan forces recaptured Nawa district in the southern Helmand province from Taliban militants after three days of military operations, a defense ministry statement said Monday.

"Afghan security and defense forces regained the control of Nawa district today morning and Taliban rebels after suffering huge casualties have run away," said the statement.

More than 50 militants have been killed, six injured and one more arrested during the operations, the statement said, However, it did not mention casualties of security personnel.

The move ended Taliban's nearly one year occupation of the district, according to the ministry. Taliban militants, who took the control of Nawa district around one year ago, have yet to make comments.

The poppy-growing Helmand province has been the scene of increasing Taliban-led insurgency over the past few years.



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