Surround yourself with Audrey Hepburn’s personal treasures

BY APD NEWSSep 26,2017 at 11:01

On September 27, items from the life of Audrey Hepburn will go under the hammer at Christie’s auction house.

Part I of the collection will be offered at Christie’s London, with Part II being offered in an online-only sale running alongside. The auctions will include annotated copies of scripts from her best-loved films, including "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," personal wardrobe, original portraits from major photographers and more.

"Everything that you see here was stored in our home in Switzerland for many many years, my mother kept it in the attic, quite literally," said Luca Dotti, Audrey Hepburn's son. "Then when we sold the house it was moved to our archive in Los Angeles and you know it's an extensive archive, because my mother was not a collector, but she kept every little bit and pieces for sentimental reasons that's connected to great friendship stories, memories and so it's really between the photographs, the fashion gowns and other bits that there was quite a lot of stuff."

This is the first time these remarkable items, which have remained with Audrey Hepburn’s family, have been offered at auction. Together, the auctions present a rare glimpse into the personal life of one of Hollywood’s greatest stars.


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