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BY APD NEWSSep 01,2017 at 15:39

By APD Writer Yang Siyao

A charitable art sale raged on one of China’s biggest social media app WeChat on Tuesday with children’s exotic paintings. Many WeChat users shared links of their newly bought paintings on internet.

This charitable art sale called “children's gallery" was initiated by the World of Art Brut Culture (WABC) on the Tencent public service platform.

The total 36 works of art were painted by young artists, aged between 11 to 37 years old, with disabilities who suffer autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. WeChat users can spend one yuan to get a digital copy of one painting.

Given to the low threshold of the charitable art sale and social atmosphere of unite as one, people’s interests in charity were stimulated. People were touched and marveled at their toughness and talents.

According to the media reports, the number of participants has increased by one million within 30 minutes. By Tuesday noon, two million participants have donated eight million yuan (about 1.21million US dollars).

Although the event arouses people’s enthusiasm for charity, it still has defects. People have no idea of the whereabouts of the money collected. The foundation only says "it helps children enjoy the trip of art", which is too vague. Participants still need Tencent and the WABC to make a detailed description on the whereabouts of money.

The project set off a wave of public charities, which has succeeded in drawing public attention to the special group who suffer mental retardation such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. To a certain extent, it is a very successful charity sale.

Starting with the famous "ice bucket challenge", the way of China’s charity spreading becomes more and more creative. In recent years, Chinese charitable events such as “walking for love", "running for love" and "good walker" are held in a creative, happy and sharing way, which maximizes social effects of the events and advocates for more concerns and help to vulnerable and marginal groups.

One day, the charity will become a part of Chinese people’s life.

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