Nine-year-old Hong Kong girl wows US audience with powerful voice

BY APD NEWSJun 19,2017 at 16:41

This nine-year-old Hong Kong girl has proved that music knows no boundaries.

Tam Tsz-kwan, also known as Celine Tam – named after iconic singer Celine Dion - has taken America by storm with her incredible rendition of her namesake’s classic “My Heart Will Go On,” for her audition on America’s Got Talent on Saturday.

The cute little girl charmed the audience as soon as she stepped on stage with a sweet smile. When asked how she realized she had a good singing voice, Tam said “when I was in the car, my dad’s driving and then suddenly I just sang My Heart Will Go On. And then he was like ‘wow’,” as her family watched from backstage.

What really amazed both the judges and the audience was her powerful performance, winning a standing ovation from the crowd as she hit the high notes.

A video clip of the girl’s impressive performance has attracted 5.5 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, while the same Facebook clip has over 15 million views globally.

 Let’s Sing Kids show screenshot

Let’s Sing Kids show screenshot

Tam, however, isn’t a newcomer to the stage or TV. She first made a name for herself at the age of four when she wowed audiences with an impressive rendition of Secret Garden’s "You Raise Me Up" during Hunan Broadcasting System’s show "Let’s Sing Kids." Tam has since made appearances on lots of reality shows and concerts.

Last year, she was invited to perform for a variety show marking National Day at the Hong Kong Coliseum.



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