Two more bodies found on oil tanker and 'black box' retrieved

BY APD NEWSJan 13,2018 at 15:53

Two more bodies of crew members from the oil tanker Sanchi were found on Saturday, according to the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Center.

The bodies were found on a deck for lifeboats at around 8:40 a.m. BJT on Saturday morning after four rescuers got on board the vessel.

The rescuers also retrieved the oil tanker's voyage data recorder (VDR), which stores important data on a ship.

On Jan. 6, the Panama-registered tanker caught on fire after colliding with a Hong Kong cargo ship some 160 nautical miles (296 km) from China’s east coast. A total of 32 crew members went missing after the collision, and one body was retrieved on Jan. 8.



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