Wealthy Chinese man pays $10,000 for a whisky shot: Guess who?

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On Wednesday, a picture shows a glass of whisky was done by a young Chinese man paid 9,999 Swiss francs (10,331 US dollars) at the luxury Waldhaus Hotel's Devil's Place Whisky Bar in St. Moritz, northeast Switzerland.

Macallan 1878 with others Macallan whiskey

Macallan 1878 with others Macallan whiskey

The whisky made in 1878 by the revered Scotch maker Macallan. It is the last one Macallan 1787 and could be the most expensive whisky in the world. The hotel's Devil's Place Whisky Bar has been honored for its 2,500 bottle collection, including by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Under observation by Chinese Weibo followers, it was revealed the wealthy man was Zhang Wei, a famous online novelist in China. 36-years-old Zhang began writing novels online since 2004, and 4 times topped the list of China's Internet novelists. The Swiss media’s report also make him heat on the top of Chinese social networks research list.

Glass with 2cl whiskey and Macallan 1878's cork.

Glass with 2cl whiskey and Macallan 1878's cork.

Macallans are highly sought-after among collectors. Last year an anonymous Asian collector paid 990,000 US dollars at auction for a lot containing several different Macallan malts, setting a new record for a whisky sale.


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