China aims to cut US$38.17 bn in tax this year

BY APD NEWSApr 01,2018 at 18:52

The Chinese government will continue to lower the value-added tax rate for the industries of manufacturing, transportation, construction, telecommunication, with the intent of cutting a total 240 billion yuan (US$38.17 billion) in tax for the year ahead, reported.

The State Council executive meeting on Wednesday decided to decrease the VAT rate for the manufacturing sector from 17% to 16%, while reducing that of the transportation, construction, telecommunication sectors and agricultural products from 11% to 10%.

Meanwhile, industrial and commercial enterprises whose annual sales are less than five million yuan are defined as small-scale VAT taxpayers, updating from the previous 500,000 to the 800,000 yuan standard.

It also allows companies that have registered as general taxpayers to transfer to small-scale taxpayers, so as to enjoy preferential tax rates.

In the past five years, a total 2.1 trillion yuan of tax has been unloaded through the implementation of VAT reform.



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