Bomb attack kills 3 in Iraqi Kurdish refugee camp

BY APD NEWSDec 07,2017 at 13:46

A bomb attack targeting a Kurdish refugee camp in northern Iraq killed at least three people and injured seven others on Wednesday, Iraqi Kurdish media reported.

The explosion damaged parts of the camp in Makhmur, southwest of Kurdish regional capital Erbil, said Makhmur mayor Rizgar Mustafa, according to Rudaw media network.

It was initially reported that the explosion was a car bomb attack, but the mayor said that an investigation is still underway and they do not yet know the cause of the explosion.

An official from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Makhmur said that the camp was guarded by militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

The PKK is an outlawed Kurdish military organization from Turkey, which has waged a three-decade long insurgency against Ankara. Over 12,000 Kurdish refugees from Turkey are living in the camp. They largely fled Turkey in the 1990s.


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